Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Does Kristen Wiig want Jane Lynch to win the Emmy?

It seems that Kristen Wiig submitted her episode of SNL... to be the one where Jane Lynch hosted. Either Kristen wants Jane to win (knowing that Kristen likely won't), or that episode is really Kristen's best this season and it's just a coincidence.

The Emmys air on September 18th.


As the Emmys approach, Jane Lynch may look like the inevitable winner of best supporting comedy actress. Not only did she bag the category last year, but now she's hosting the Emmycast. But beware: She doesn't have the advantage she had last year -– she doesn't have that single powerhouse episode of "Glee" to submit to Emmy judges.

Last year, Lynch won for "The Power of Madonna," which was an impressive showcase for her skills as an actress, comedian, singer and dancer. She may have been competing in the supporting category, but she had so much screen time in that segment she seemed like a lead star.

The episode Lynch submitted this year isn't a blockbuster. "Funeral" is much more quiet and subdued as Lynch's character, Sue, mourns the loss of her sister, who had Down's Syndrome. Lynch shows a sadder and angrier side of her character and she doesn't get a chance to show off comedic skills. And she has much less screen time than she did in "The Power of Madonna."

Lynch does have another advantage this year though. She appears extensively in the episode submitted to Emmy judges by rival nominee Kristen Wiig. For some unknown reason, Wiig entered the episode of "Saturday Night Live" hosted by Lynch last fall. It's a perfect showcase for Lynch to show off her chops as a singer and comedian as she appears in a wide range of skits. It's a great complement to the dramatic performance Lynch gives on her own "Glee" submission, thus showing off her range as a performer.

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