Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kristen Wiig - Inspires Taylor Swift (the SNL host)

Updated: Added the SNL promo at the end.

Taylor Swift is hosting SNL this week!!! New episode! Finally! =^)

Taylor is all in:

"I want to look nothing like myself," she told MTV News. "I told all the writers, 'Don't count anything out.' I want to go completely, 100 percent in. I don't want to be halfway involved. Just because I have a lot of things to do as far as being musical guest and host doesn't mean I don't want to live up to my full hosting demands."

So that means expect a lot of made-up characters for Taylor! Plus we're pretty sure they'll "Kanye" her in the monologue.

What does Taylor think of Kristen Wiig?

Swift said one castmate in particular is inspiring her comedy stylings for the week. "I think my favorite things on 'SNL' are the things that Kristen [Wiig] does, where she's these incredible characters that you've seen in real life," she said. "Everybody's been at the party with the Penelope character to some extent."

Excerpts from:

Speaking of Kanye jokes, Bill Hader just whipped one out (and his balls) in the promo for this week's SNL:

In case you didn't know it, Bill Hader is hilarious! The three gags keep getting funnier!



  1. Taylor Swift is funny too? she's a quadruple threat...

  2. Greg,

    Did you see her Shakira impression? It was amazing!

    - TAE


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