Friday, November 20, 2009

Steve likes Jenny's new Hoda (and he's glad Kristen Wiig got beat)

STEVE MURPHY: I hate this sketch, but I do love what the new girl is doing with her Hoda impression. The old version of this sketch had Hoda just being abused constantly and taking it, but the new Hoda actually gives it back to Kathie Lee, and that made this oddly pleasant to watch. The severe beating of Kathie Lee could be the best performance the Black Eyes Peas have ever done. January Jones is unfortunately just awful in this sketch, and I’m starting to think she will fail miserably for the entire episode.


He's right about January Jones. They took a risk with her because her show just won an Emmy (2 years in a row) and she was "hot," and it didn't pay off. Of course Kristen's impression is annoying, but that's kind of the point. =^)



  1. Actually, January Jones did not win an Emmy, nor has she ever even been nominated for one. She was there to promote her movie, "Pirate Radio", which like her, tanked.

  2. Ah, it was Mad Men that won 2 Emmy's. Fergie congratulated January for her Emmy, and I got confused. Still, she is on an Emmy winning show.

    - TAE


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