Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review of Kristen Wiig in the Fox News Cold Open

STEVE MURPHY: This could have been worse… but there were a few quiet single-exhale chuckles in there. Some solid impressions, some easy jokes, nothing brilliant here. Am I wrong to hope for more after a three week break?

ZOË RICE: Starting off with Kristen Wiig is rarely a disappointment, and her Greta Van Susteren provoked an inward chuckle. Lampooning the way Fox News spins an election provides rich material, but this sketch suffers from its competition. Jon Stewart has cornered the market on Fox News ridicule, and he does it so well that this bit wound up feeling less fresh than I would have liked. Still, some funny material here. And it’s true–Jacko did die on Obama’s watch.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I really laughed at Wiig’s joke at the end- “from the right to the left”- with accompanying side-mouth movement.

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