Monday, November 23, 2009

Kristen Wiig - is Jackie Snad (SNL skit)

Jackie Snad and Clancy Bachlerat

Spaceships, toddlers, Model T cars and jars of beer never sounded so good.

Kristen does another round of this character with Will Forte. Sorry, I find these characters a little annoying and not all that funny. I like Joseph. He throws himself into it.

I think I found their first song in their first skit of these characters to be funny. But ever since then it's the same kind of randomness and so the surprise is gone, which is why I don't find it funny.

I think this would be funnier if they came in with these characters as motivational singers or singers for themes before dinners or other shows. But just setting up the theme of all their songs as turkeys, spaceships, toddlers, and beer is only funny at first. Disagree?


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