Friday, November 13, 2009

Review of Kristen Wiig's Penelope skit (with Taylor Swift)

STEVE MURPHY: SNL’s really hitting all my buttons here, Penelope is one of my favorite Kristen Wiig characters. Funny as usual… but Taylor Swift was a little wooden and that made things go a little slower than they should have. Also it seemed Kristen Wiig was supposed to be all over the set at different points and she was having trouble getting there, which also added some lag. Not their best… but still amusing.

ZOË RICE: Penelope is definitely one of my favorite Kristen Wiig characters, if not my very fave. Her hyperbolic one-upmanship finds new ways to make me laugh every time. However, poor Taylor is over-matched in this sketch and comes across as weak in comparison.

HOWARD MEGDAL: And as someone who doesn’t care for Penelope, this just generally drags, with Swift, like you said, overmatched.

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